About Riska

My name is Riska Volkerts (1973, Dutch) and I have been practicing yoga for many years. In my youth I played tennis professionally. My father, who practiced yoga daily at home, pointed out to me how good yoga is to stay more focused and relaxed during matches. When I retired from my professional tennis career I gave tennis lessons for a few years. After this I founded clothing stores JUTKA & RISKA together with my sister.

In 2011 everything changed. I got sick. The doctors had no idea what was wrong with me and where my fatigue and other neurological complaints came from. These were very difficult years as I was also looking after my three small children. I started meditating a lot and taking light yoga classes, which I felt very good about. Six years later I was diagnosed with Lyme disease. That gave me peace. After targeted therapy, my health is much better now.

In 2016 I came into contact with Kundalini yoga in Bali and that captured my heart.
I completed my Kundalini yoga teacher training in 2017 at the Karam Kriya School and in 2020 I completed 4 certificates of the Teacher training Level 2. I also completed my 200 hours of Yin Yoga teacher training.

Kundalini Yoga has the right alternation of physical exercises, breathing exercises and meditation. It makes me both flexible and strong. Relaxed but also alert. I now live more from my heart and feel more connected to the world

Practicing Kundalini yoga is a highly recommended experience.
You don’t have to be flexible or have experience, everyone can take the lessons, young or old.

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga is an active yoga form with many dynamic exercises, different breathing techniques, mantras and meditations.

It is also called the yoga of consciousness and is considered the most powerful form of yoga.

The exercises have a strong cleansing effect on toxins in the body. Furthermore, it has a healing effect with regard to pain, anxiety, stress and frustrations.

Kundalini yoga has a very direct effect on the nervous and glandular system, so that the effect of the exercise can be felt almost immediately.

Kundalini refers to the energy that is stored in the root chakra, located deep in the pelvic floor. Humans have multiple energy centers that connect body, mind and soul. We call these energy centers chakras.

By practicing kundalini yoga, the stored kundalini energy is set in motion. This is led from the lower chakra up all the chakras to the crown chakra where it can awaken.

Once kundalini energy reaches the brain, or the upper chakras, according to the yogis, the soul is free and enlightenment is achieved or experienced.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a therapeutic form of yoga that is about creating space in your connective tissue and your joints. By holding a posture for a long time (3 to 5 minutes) and not moving like with more active forms of Yoga, you reach the stiff connective tissue.

Yin Yoga is mainly done sitting or lying on the floor in safe, opening poses that allow the bones to move away from each other. This is in contrast to a Yang yoga form in which you mainly tense your muscles. The fascia is stimulated by the Yin yoga postures.

Fascia is a connective tissue that surrounds muscles, bones and joints. It gives support to those body parts and it gives structure to your body. The Yin poses make this connective tissue stronger, let it flow better and it becomes more elastic. And this provides extra space and flexibility in your body.

During a Yin yoga session you are invited to turn inward and take a closer look at yourself. For example, you look at deeper sensations and feelings that may have been hidden for a long time. It takes courage and vulnerability to surrender to your own healing process in this way.

“In Yin Yoga you surrender to the breath and posture and you get the time to go deep inside”


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